November 9, 2004

Tuesday, November 9, 2004 @ 6 p.m.
Manhattan College’s Leo Engineering Building-Scala Room
3825 Corlear Avenue Bronx, NY 10471

The New Engineering presents a science of engineering that is conceptually and mathematically much simpler than conventional engineering. The simplicity results from abandoning contrived parameters such as resistances and coefficients, and dealing separately with the real parameters from which resistances and coefficients are contrived.

Conventional engineering parameters such as electrical resistance R, heat transfer coefficient h, and material modulus E are unnecessary and undesirable. In the new engineering, all parameters such as R, h, E are abandoned. These parameters are unnecessary because they are simply nicknames for ratios of real parameters. They’re undesirable because they greatly complicate the solution of nonlinear problems. The complication arises because these ratios make it necessary to solve problems with the variables combined, whereas it is much easier to solve nonlinear problems if the variables are separated.

For example, if a heat transfer problem involving a boiling interface is solved using h, the problem must be solved without separating heat flux and temperature difference because h is the ratio of heat flux to temperature difference. Because boiling interfaces exhibit highly nonlinear behavior, problems that involve them are solved in a much simpler manner if heat flux and temperature difference are separated. This separation can be accomplished only if h is not used.

This talk will include several simple problems for the attendees to solve while Mr. Adiutori remains silent. The problems are designed to demonstrate that parameters such as R, h, E greatly complicate the solution of nonlinear problems-for example, electrical problems that involve transistors, and heat transfer problems that involve natural convection or boiling, and stress/strain problems that involve inelastic behavior.

Try the attached examples and bring them to the talk! Problems for New Engineering The following is from a review in the 10/02 issue of Chemie Ingenieur Technik, written by J.L.A. Koolen, author of Design of Simple and Robust Processing Plants (reviewed in the 10/03 issue of Chemical Engineering Progress), and recipient of the Chairman of the Judges Award 2003 from The Institution of Chemical Engineers. “. . . this book . . . should have the interest of the scientific as well as the engineering world . . ”

Free for Students/ $3 for TZ AIChE Members / $5 for Non-TZ AIChE Members

Update, November 16, 2004

Eugene F. Adiutori, our speaker on November 9, 2004 has graciously provided a copy of his book, The New Engineering, for use on our website.  It is available as a pdf file.

If you missed the meeting, or were there and would like to learn more about this interesting approach to engineering calculations, you should read this book. :

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